Friday, March 7, 2014


Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
I worked all afternoon putting together backing for their quilt yesterday.
And last night we weretalking about what we wanted for supper and the phone rings.

It's Tommy's sis so i went into my 'sewing room' and picked up a scrap that i got in a scrap bag and made these
 Love my mat that i bought me for Christmas.
This is a 8 1/4 inch 'scrap' that i got of Nottinghill
I made 6 of these bright pin wheels!.
After we had supper i pulled this 'scrap' of Amy Butlers  Stash Belle.
I am debating on more pin wheels or maybe making these six into stars.
Beautiful spring fabric to brighten my day!!!
We went to pick up pills today , stopped and got my car washed , it first bath this year, and went on to walk at the track.
It's in the 60's !
I want have to get on the treadmill tonight.
Hope you have a great sewing day friends.
Quilt happy

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Rosa said...

Beuatiful pinwheeels.Haappy sewing and have a fun weekend!