Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Few Things

Hi friends!
I finished sewing around each piece now come the backing and battening, maybe later today.
My grandson David , the youngest turns 13 , i think, this year so made him his pillow and case. I asked him what he wanted and that's what he said ,I think his birthday is around Easter this year.
I did have all their birthdays written down but lost that book some where. His and Angels birthdays are kinda close but she is over 18 and we have to stop birthday presents when they go to work and make more than we do. With as many grands as we have its just not possible to keep giving
We went to Tommy's first wife's brothers funeral yesterday and  was wore out when we got home so no sewing. He was all Tommy's girls uncle and three of the girls made it , of course they had to get off work to do it but his girls are good like that.
I am friends with most of them , they are good people.
Not a happy day!
Have a good one
Quilt Happy


Chatty Crone said...

I am sorry about your husband's BIL. Getting older is rough isn't it? I like your quilts.

Julierose said...

Oh so sorry to hear about your loss. Funerals are so tiring. Too many for us lately, too. Get some good rest...saying a little prayer for you both....
I like your little flower cart piece a whole lot. Hugs, stay warm Julierose

Needled Mom said...

I am sorry to hear about Tommy's BIL's death. Glad that you were all able to attend the funeral.

The pillowcase will be a big hit.

Ioleen said...

Sorry to hear of your loss. Love how the cart is coming along.

laurajane said...

Sad to attend funerals,as you know we went to one yesterday too,we have another one next week.
On a happier note the pillow looks great he's sure to love it. stay well Barbara and said...

I am sorry that Tommy lost his BIL it is nice that they are still on friendly terms. Cute pillow. I know my grands love pillow cases.