Monday, February 8, 2016

Tie Dyed Quilt for Alisha

Hi friends!
My sewing room is just behind the t v so i heard the super bowl while i had my own super bowl  doing burp cloths.
That makes 6 I have made so far.
My plan is to make some matching bibs.
I think most of these i had enough fabric left over to do that.
My grand daughter Alisha wants a tie dyed quilt. I made her one when she was little but its a little girl quilt and she is a teen-ager now .
I  googled die-dyed cotton fabric and came up with a shop run by Angela Hansen that had one yard cuts!
Sent her a message asking if she could do three yards, she said sure so i said please !
Today i got the three yards cut of tie- dyed fabric.
Not my idea for a quilt but i think she will love it.
She did a great job on this and she has lots of other fabrics for sale to. I am so glad i could get in touch with her . I am sure Alisha will love it.
So my next quilt will be a tie dyed  one !
This morning the mail man was so good to me. that fabric plus some i won from 'sewcando 'HERE

I won these from her and i just love them all, the red and green could be Christmas fabrics. Love the prints they look like spring!  I can't wait until spring but till then i can look at these.  !!! cheesy!!!!
I do love this fabric.
We went to see Shania Sat. And i got to hold her for a while.
Look at those big eyes!
Of course i had to have a picture of her and Gracies with me.
They are such sweeties!
Have a good one
Quilt Happy


Carol S. said...

The tie dyed fabric will make a great quilt for a teenager...nice find! Sweet little girls with you!

Chatty Crone said...

Love those two granddaughters - and the tie dye.

Julierose said...

I had tie dyed skirts like that growing up! And wildly permed hair and hoop earrings....ah youth! Hahahaha....anyway--love those little girls--just adorable...great picture...hugs--have fun with that wild fabric...Julierose

Ioleen said...

Great that you were able to find fabric for your grand daughter's quilt. Nice picture of you and the two girls. Take care! said...

Fun fabric. Oh the baby is gorgeous as well as her sister.

Needled Mom said... the pictures with the little ones. So cute.

The tie dye fabric is perfect! She will love it. Those burp cloths will be so nice too.