Thursday, February 4, 2016


Hi friends!
We had a early valentines shopping trip yesterday. I had a Hancocks card I got for Christmas and Tommy had a Tractor Supply one , as you can see i shopped!
I also bought two spools of thread.
Tommy got him a new coat, Yes they sale clothes at Tractor Supply.
For men and women.!
Then i had to go see what they had at Tuesday Morning, I have gotten Tommy to where he enjoys walking around in there to.
All i got was a Kitchen aid skillet.
I love their cut rate cooking things!  I didn't know Kitchen Aid  made cook ware until I saw this.
Then we went to Out Back for our steak dinner.
Mine was as tough as a old shoe!  But Tommy's was great! why is it when you order two steaks one is always not good and the other is great?  The only time it has been different was a few years ago at Long Horn for our anniversary dinner. But when we went back last year is was back to one bad and one good.
This morning this came in the mail.
I saw this one Missouri  star Quilt Co and though g-gs because of all the pinks and blues so i ordered it Monday, Nice work getting it here so fast.
Have a good one
 Quilt Happy


Podunk Pretties said...

MMM..your dinner looks delicious! Need me one of those skillets, mine rocks around like a boat on stormy seas.

Gill - That British Woman said...

love the colours of the material. My squares were 5 inches each. The border was 3 1/2 inches.

Chatty Crone said...

Like you had Christmas all over again!! You got some very nice things. I haven't been to a Tuesday Mornings!

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like a fun day shopping. I love that jelly roll.

sewyouquilt2 said...

sounds like a perfect day. except for the steak. but I 'll take fabric over steak anytime LOL

Ioleen said...

Fun time shopping and out for dinner. Love the red skillet.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I love to go shopping with Terry then have lunch. I am lucky that he either likes to look around in some of MY stores, or HIS stores are almost next door to mine. I'm thinking I will take him to lunch at Red Lobster for V-day.
xx, Carol said...

We don't have a Hancocks near us. Like the fabrics that you purchased. I agree it seams like there are many times one person has a good dinner, and the other person's is not so great. I have that red skillet! Love it, probably about time I replace mine, but it is almost 10 years old too.

Julierose said...

Too bad about that steak--not fair!1 Love your new strips' colors! Sounds like a fun day...hugs, Julierose

Jennifer Gail said...

Cute fabrics.