Friday, February 5, 2016

This and That

Hi friends!
I am lousy at doing the little parts on the machine!!!
I fought with my brother that i got for Christmas and finally put the thread on the stand that i bough for my big brother.
After that it sewed o k.
I want to show you a picture my grand daughter Anna did .
Is that not beautiful? I have such talented grands, Anna is my daughter's daughter that is living with my son and his family and going to college out there.
Wish i had some of that talent!
Of course i know you'll are just dying to see our newest g-g since she is now one month old.
Isn't she pretty, i hope to get to go meet her this weekend.
She looks a lot like her daddy, that means she will be like her mother.
That's how it usually goes.
Have a great weekend 
Quilt Happy

6 comments: said...

I have a tough time too doing machine applique. I have been watching some videos, and some of it I have actually just been doing straight line stitching. No zig zag, button hole, or blind hem stitches.

Rosa said...

Congratulations to your talented grand,the picture is fabulous and the newest grand is so adorable.

Can´t give a tip for machine quilting because I haven´t tried it, only could say take it easy and don´t run.

Have a fun weekend.

afistfuloflemons said...

I love that crow/raven!

Sandra Walker said...

Wow is that picture EVER gorgeous! Talent indeed. Glad you got your machine working right.

Podunk Pretties said...

Love your applique pattern. Thanks for linking up at Podunk Pickins!

Sheryl S. said...

Lovely colourful pic and pretty babe