Friday, February 26, 2016


Hi friends!
I have been working on cutting scraps up this week, i had a basket full plus and some i won a few weeks ago, most of which just needed sorting into different sizes.
It was empty but now it's full of baggies of different sizes.
I need to cut some more up this weekend because my tubes are overflowing. I have emptied up one tote but you know scraps they multiply.
I have made scrap quilts and made them but my scraps just don't seem to go down.
We went yesterday to Rome for my mammogram and stopped by Harbin and made his apt. for his Cat scan that he needed before he visits his surgeon the last of next month. They want him to do blood work before he has his Cat scan and next month is when we need to go the see our regular Dr. for our 6 month and they always do blood work so may have to put that off. Guess i need to call the Dr's office to see about that. Don't want to have to pay our self's.
I did add a border to Alisha's quilt after we got back so i did  get some sewing done.I think this will be it because she has a twin right now , i just wanted it to be big enough to do her a few years..
The border has all the colors in the tie die so maybe it will work. 
Have a good weekend
Quilt Happy

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The quilt looks good. You got a lot accomplished.