Friday, October 4, 2013

Michael's and Jessica's quilt

Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
One of these is  just  a red pinwheel and the other is a red with white dots pinwheel.
That's right i made two yesterday!
That make four made and two to go.
I got in a hurry and clipped my finger with the rotary cutter.   Not a bad cut but a bandage makes it hard to feel your seams and make your points just right.
You don't want to get blood on your quilt!
I finally got all the stitching out of Jessica's quilt and can take the back off and wash it and put it back together to quilt it .  Yes my Janome will do that!
Got to get to cracking friends
Have a great sewing day
Quilt happy


Lorna McMahon said...

Hi Barbara! Those star blocks are looking sew fine! Hope your finger tip heals quickly and doesn't slow you down any. I love it that you got a new sewing machine. A Janome, too! Congrats! Looking forward to seeing more progress on your Christmas quilt!

Celtic Thistle said...

Ouch! hope your finger heals up quickly. Loving your blocks.

Linda in Calif. said...

Oh, I hurt for you. I hate little cuts like that as they are always getting bumped. And I hate for anything to stop me from my quilting! LOL Glad it's not worse that that. Beautiful blocks! Love the bright colors.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...


Scrapatches said...

Pretty blocks! May you finger heal quickly ... :) Pat