Monday, October 7, 2013


Hi friends!
Beautiful day after a rainy night!
The top picture is me sewing the small borders  for my christmas quilt.
I have been seeing a lot of long pin cushions on blogs and decided to make me one for my machine. Unlike other's i made mine to not match my cover..  What i wanted was one really near  for putting pins.
I have pincushions on my ironing board by my machine and on the table next to where i sit and hand sew.
But the one by my machine keeps getting lost!!!
So this should take care of that!!!
I made my kenmore that cover so now i am going to show you a picture of it.
I guess it's mine , sis brought it up for me to sew on years ago and i keep it when i got my new one because plastic tares up so she finally bought me the book.
It's has great stitches but likes to come unthreaded to often.  If i would make sure their is lots of thread hanging each time i start up it wouldn't do that .
Have a great day friends!
A great sewing day.
Quilt happy


sewyouquilt2 said...

like your pincushion and the cover too.
isn't it great to be able to say "I want a ..." and MAKE it! that's what I love about sewing and quilting. I once recovered a car door interior when a friend was redoing an old car. Chip Foose (famous car guy on tv) here I come! ha ha

Dora, the Quilter said...

If you start and end your stitching with a "security blanket", you can eliminate a lot of accidental un-threading and consequent re-threading. Just a scrap of fabric about 3 inches by four inches and folded so the 3 inch sides touch. (Could actually be almost any size--but saves a lot of thread over having to leave long threads hanging.)