Saturday, October 26, 2013

Michael's and Tatum's Quilts

Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
This is the finished flimsy for Michael's quilt.
I think it's going to be big enough, don't you?
I sandwiched it yesterday, don't know whether i will get it quilted today or not.  Depends on how much company we have today .I would love to free motion quilt but that would take forever and i want to give it to him Thanksgiving.
I am kinda stuck on Tatum's.  I want to make it great for my little darling  she is 15, but don't really like what i have done so far.
 Maybe this in  the  middle of her quilt? I have to get this done by Thanksgiving to so i have got to get busy.
Have a great sewing weekend friends.
Quilt happy

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sewyouquilt2 said...

Michaels quilt is certainly a good size. Tatums quilt is beautiful. what don't you like? the half square triangles? I love it. you could put that one in the center and build around it.
looking forward to seeing what you do.