Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pillow and David

Hi friends!
beautiful but cold!
I tried free motion quilting yesterday,  it doesn't look great  but it works for me.
I quilted the front of this pillow for Christmas's and put a back on it to use other seasons of the year.
I think sis brought me that Christmas fabric in with some scraps one day and it just wanted to be a pillow.
I just fell in love with it but then i love all Christmas fabric.
There was a couple of small pleats but it was inside the pillow so i didn't worry about it.
I went to grandparents day at our youngest grandson's school.  He wanted to come home and spend the day with me, so his mama said it was OK and we went by McDonald's and got him a couple of sausage biscuits.
He is on the couch watching cartoons now.
Got to get something done today!
Have a great sewing day friends.
Quilt happy


Miss Holly said...

Oh what a wonderful gram.....
I was just thinking about trying some free motion myself!!
Cold here too..might have to cook a meatloaf tonight!! cozy food!!
Have a great day!!

andsewon said...

Cute grand sweetie! Love your hair cut! I need to go get one soon. Getting shaggy as my sweet MIL used to say! Time for Christmas projects for sure! We are getting cold tonight. Brought in plants. I have a meat pie made to go in over for supper.

donna said...

That is so nice that he gets to come home and spend some time with you. Your pillow looks great.

sewyouquilt2 said...

the pillow looks great. that was nice that you got to spend some time with grandson. he must feel special.
oh, and thanks for sending us the cold weather. (NOT) ha ha
bbrr........hope it warms up soon.

laurajane said...

Love the cushion,I love Christmas fabric too.Handsome grandson .
It's really getting wintry here now,it's been raining all week and chilly.The clocks go back at the weekend so it will be getting dark early.

Bodenseefelchen said...

So pretty :)
Grettings and god bless you