Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Blake's Quilt

Hi friends!
Last week before Wednesday I added the third row but when I finished it was  up side down.
So I took it apart and then didn't sew from Wednesday until Monday. It  was mad cleaning around here. Tommy outside and me inside.
But yesterday I started in on this one and I am going to stay on it until I finish!
I got it right side up, Yah!
Four rows on! The next rows are not completely together yet. But hope to get that done this after noon.
We had to make a trip to Centre Ala. yesterday for parts to fix john deer.
It's parts are a whole lot higher than my sewing machine parts!
We spent $326.00 and when we got home and Tommy went through the bags, one something was missing . I told him to call and let them mail it to him.
It had already took to much sewing time.
Two bags cost that much and more!!!!
I could have bought lots of fabric for that amount of money!
So I sewed the rest of the day and he worked.
Have a good one


Julierose said...

Whoa Nellie--that is a lot of $$ for parts. But still less than a whole new rig, right??
glad you are able to sew now...hugs, Julierose said...

Boy's and Men's toys are much more expensive.

Chatty Crone said...

Did he get his machine fixed for that?

margaret said...

how annoying to have hot some blocks upside down but all is okay now. Not sure what a john deer is? or am I being silly