Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Maybe Hagen's quilt is nearly finished.

Hi friends!
Yesterday I finally started quilting Hagen's quilt.
I though I was finished and  while adding  binding  I found I had missed the whole corner, so it back to quilting. of course I finished adding the binding so I can start binding as soon as I finish it!
This is one of the feet I got with my feather weight! I saw a foot on my tablet that looks just like it.
I think this is the same one and it pleats.
I will have to play with it one day.
The wisteria is starting to bloom. It was in full bloom when my mom died in April of 2004.
This little tulip has been blooming for two weeks!
Most of them are gone in just a few days.
I think this is one Amy gave me years ago.


Rosa said...

Happy quilting.Hagen will be very happy!

Chatty Crone said...

You get the binding on and then have to bind it?

margaret said...

good to see the quilt is nearly completed love dark sashings. Foot looks interesting happy pleating. My tulips have been lovely this year, prefer them when they are not fully open. How good to have some wisteria have lived in so many houses but never any wisteria such a lovely rambling bush

Julierose said...

Oh hagen's is looking good! Love that wisteria--we finally have daffodils blooming--really being whipped about by our strong winds though..hope they last til Easter Sunday...hugs, Julierose