Monday, June 4, 2012

the weekend

good to "see"  you'll again.  we had a good weekend saw all my kids and most of their kids at the commencement Friday night, my son and his wife and one of his girls came to see Jessie walk. it was cold so we left after her walk and so did my son and his family. Saturday  his wife and my tator bug brought me my late mothers day gift. they know i love wind chimes. and these are so cute!!! also told me son had threw up all night . he has that virus that is going around, i hope  we don't get it, because if i see my kids i will hug them no matter what.
i am still sewing on my quilt and i counted the granny squares that i have left to finish and i think it's 8 so maybe tomorrow night i will finish that part up and can put on the binding. i got some green check i may use don't know yet.
that's Jessie waving , my camera is pitiful after dark. even on night settings.
 going to go sew so i can get thou by Sunday when i hope to carry it to her.
good sewing      quilt happy


tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Lindo seu presente,essa cadeira linda.Esse negócio de vômito e as vezes diarréia chama-se rota-vírus,vai passando de um para outro...Beijo e seja feliz.

Jan-Maree said...

Here's hoping you don't get sick and good luck finishing!