Thursday, June 14, 2012


I am moving slow on my owl because the pattern is to put him on a towel but i want to make a potholder out of him.
Red haired girl told me she needed some pot holders so i am still working on that. not to good a job as i had to use mr. ripper on it, but she thinks they are great because she doesn't sew at all.
I was suppose to go and get my hair cut today ,as i was kissing my hubby goodbye the phone rand and it was her daughter saying that her brother was taken to hospital and she was down there. She called me herself later and talked to me , said her brother was in ICU now.
I had got her up some squash but i put it back into the fridge till she is ready to cut my hair
Well must try to figure out my owl  Good sewing      Quilt happy


Jodi said...

That's going to be a real cute potholder, B! Nice to enjoy a little project now and then.

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

espero que se recupere logo,nem sempre ir para uti é grave.Deus está no comando.Beijos.