Tuesday, June 19, 2012


We picked 284 ears of corn this morning and i cleaned them and put them in freezer bags. Don't they look pretty? And man what good eating this winter with a little butter and salt.we will have another picking in a few days. Some of them are not full yet.

This is the only sewing i have done this week Between putting up beans and freezing corn. And all the picking. Of course hubby helps with the picking. He did all the picking on the corn. 

I have made up my mind and am going to start making blocks for red haired girl a quilt for her birthday in nov.  Her birthday is the same day as mine.
So i hope to have some blocks to show you soon. Don't know what block to use yet, but i may do a mix of blocks like i did my couch quilt.
Well love you all my friends will talk to you tomorrow   Quilt Happy


Cindy said...

Your corn looks yummy! How many acres of corn did you plant. I wish I could have a garden.

Do a sampler quilt where each block is different. I'm sure what ever you do for the red head will be great.

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

É se dar água na boca de tão bonito o seu milho.Esta semana comi com sal e manteiga,huuummm.Tenho visto também suas flores,estão lindas.Beijos.

Miss Holly said...

Holey cow!!!!!!!!! That is a lot of corn!! And boy does it look early for corn here but I can't wait.....just love it! Started a crochet pillow ...something to have that I can carry with me. I have lots of ideas but not enough time!!