Friday, June 29, 2012

quilt blocks

Hi friends!!!  I have been making  pink quilt blocks for red haired girl's quilt.  i told her that she might get it on her birthday , or maybe christmas or later.
Stopped for  a minute at hancock fabric and of coure they were having a sale.
i had told hubby i was just getting some insta-brite so we just had a minute. we went right before my dr. appt.. i wonder if they have a site on the internet?
we got home at about 4 yesterday grabbed some shorts and put them on and in walked red haired girl and her hubby. so we made home made ice cream and they stayed until ten oclock.
i didn't get any thing done last night at all!!!!This morning this sweet little girl and her parents came to see us.
I wont to try to make a couple of pot holders to carry to baby step daughter tomorrow.  We are going to her house for a cook out. the temp. is suppose to be 106.
 Some boys were playing with a water slide and one had a heat stroke and is now brain dead. They are telling everyone to stay in, but they have air and the younger men are taking turns cooking for a few minutes at a time. Not hubby he can't stand this heat.
People don't realise how bad this heat is until they get sick.
Take care friends  and good sewing        Quilt Happy


Kat said...

Sweet blocks!

What part of the country do you live in? I am in South Florida and it almost never gets above 95 here... usually stays in the 80's most of the summer. It's insanely humid, but not that hot. I have been in Phoenix when it was 117. Even at night when the sun went down, it was 106. Crazy!! Stay hydrated and cool and be safe in that heat!!

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Não entendo esta sua temperatura,aqui no Brasil temos cerca de 40 graus Celcius,e já é rachar o chão,craquelar.O gado morre desidratado e as pessoas também,isso no nordeste do Brasil.Eu estou no sudeste(Rio de Janeiro) e ainda é serra,portanto mais fresco cerca de 28/30.Estou apavorada como seu post,não é para se brincar com isso,cuide-se.Beijos.