Wednesday, June 6, 2012

many things

One of the many books i got at McKay.

great grands

Arn't they sweet? Don't you want to just kiss them all over that sweet face with that sweet smile.
Yesterday his mother said on facebook that you could see his first tooth.He is tucker and she is Gracie.

       I got to working on my quilt yesterday and forgot to take my meds, and     didn't not sleep a wink last night. so i took a nap this afternoon while hubby cut the south forty.  So i may not sleep tonight because of taking that nap!!!

I finished quilting my quilt and squared and trimmed it , so tomorrow i can cut binding and when i get that sewed on i will get a picture of it for you'll to see. Will carry it to her Sunday but Friday is her birthday, she will be 46. she is 4 years older then son, the baby. and she was a lot of help when i had him. She loved that baby and helped me every way she could.
Well talk to you tomorrow until then may you never have to use Jack the Ripper
  Quilt Happy

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