Monday, June 11, 2012

birthday quilt

She hates to have her picture made but loved her quilt. She had carried all 7 of her kids still a home swimning at a beach near here and  called sat. to see if i had finished and i had so she came and got it.
So glad she liked it.
 I tried to pick the squash and mired up over my ankles so hubby had to pick the beans and squash and get my sandals that was under the mud.
We have gotten over 2 inches and it is still raining and will Thur Wednesday.
So now i am canning beans
 good sewing    quilt happy


tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Que surpresa !Acho que você conseguiu mesmo emocionar a sua filha.O importante é que ela gostou.Beijos.

Sue Daurio said...

Beautiful granny sqquare quilt. I'm like your daughter, just don't like having my picture taken. Happy Birthday to your daughter!