Monday, June 18, 2012

the yard

Their are still a lot of things blooming but pretty soon hot weather will slow them down.  This week is the start of summer. My crepe myrtle is still not blooming, but it wont be long.
I moved my humming bird feeder because a million ants had found it and was walking all over the porch.

We had a pretty good fathers day, hubby spent the morning waiting for the girls to come and see him and about 3 o'clock he gave up so we went and bought some more tomatoes and stuff to make home made ice cream, which is the only ice cream he can eat.

When the ice cream was nearly ready , here comes three of his girls, so his day was complete.  You know father's day seems to have changed in recent years, it used to be about your father but now it's more about your husband !!!Your father is just an after though.   The girls gave him a card. but only his baby gave him something. but he always tells them to just come and see him.  You know   when your kids are in their 40ths and  think  that nothing will ever happen to daddy or mother!!!! Even the ones that have lost one are the other. They are just so busy that they don't stop and smell the roses.  But they are teaching their kids the same thing. in 25 years they will be sitting and waiting for theirs kids to come and see them..  We always went to see my parents parents every Sunday. Now our kids are recovering from a week of rushing around all week long caring their kids every where and working.  They never have time to cook and sit down and eat. So they spend the day on Sunday sleeping and trying to rest for the next week.

When we had kids they were allowed 2 sports a year and if they didn't wont to play that was fine. Now our grand kids play 3 or 4 or 5 things and all they do at home is sleep.
i will get off the soap box. and tell you all thanks for following  me .

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