Friday, June 22, 2012


Hi friends!!! I at least managed another one today. the first one was just to light.  Red haired girl likes  pink but she might get red. Maybe i can find some pink that isn't to light.
We had to water the garden last night because we have not had any in nearly 2 weeks. It is showing in the garden and that 4 inches we got a few weeks ago is gone.
Hubby had to go to the dr. today, because he has pulled so much corn , that he pulled a muscle.
Nothing going on her but life is good.  We thank the lord every day that we are doing as good as we are.
I think i will cook up some orka for supper, we have been getting a handful every day until we got enough to cook
 Well see  you later  and good sewing      Quilt Happy


tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Adorei seu bloco,tenho certeza que serĂ¡ linda,beijo.

Jodi said...

lovely little block! You both sure are busy with all that planting, picking, putting up, it's no wonder your hubs pulled a muscle - I hope he feels better soon!

Jan-Maree said...

Cute block hope your hubby feels better soon