Tuesday, June 5, 2012

sew fever

i just had to sew something Saturday. so i made this block , it's very large  5 inch squares.  but i had seen this block all over the" net"  and wonted to make it but really needed to sew around my granny squares so just did the one block.
i like 5 blocks having  my granny square quilt  quilted, maybe tomorrow. i keep saying that but i have to run out of blocks soon.
i think a green check gingham for the binding.  will i 3/8 yds make a binding for a queen sized quilt? i would hate to cut it up and not have enough.
we had company Sunday. daughter "a "and husband and  all 3 of their kids. k is dating so we were surprised.  we usually only see" a"  when we go to the drug store where she works. she and daughter "t"  work there so we get our pills there. give them our business because they provide jobs for the girls. they pay as good as any mill and the working conditions are much better.
then yesterday redhaired girl and her husband came by for a few hours.  so we saw much more of our kids then we every see them  except at easter.
well lets go back to "quilting" around granny squares.
good sewing       quilt happy


Miss Holly said...

Oh...I love the idea of the green checks...that will look wonderful!! You are a dynamo quilter!! I can not believe how much you have done!!!

Jan-Maree said...

Measure the size of the quilt all the way around, take that number and divide by the width of your green check. That will tell you how many strips you need to cut and then you can work out if you have enough. Good luck!