Saturday, June 9, 2012


Our garden is going great guns and pretty soon i will be canning Green beans and putting corn in the freezer.
As you can see we are already getting green beans and squash. We love squash for a while and then we give it away to people who don't have gardens. Last year  we gave it  to my sister-in-law's  aunt but she died last fall and we always give it to my aunt louise , she is 90 years old. And red headed girl love's stuff from our garden , her hubby hate gardens but loves to eat stuff out of our's!

I picked every thing that was ready this morning , and put sevin dust around the roots of the squash. Squash worms like to destroy the squash vines.
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Jan-Maree said...

hard to believe all that from what was not long ago a patch of dirt!