Saturday, June 16, 2012

garden and happy father's day

Hi friends!!!  I have put up 22 quarts of beans so far. gave some squash to my hairdresser today. 
We are hoping to give some to red haired girl, and sense it's father's day i am sure red haired girl and 2 of her sisters will be by here this weekend and we will give them some to.
Hubby got a card this morning from his oldest because she is in Chicago this weekend. she lives here, just one road over but we only see her on special days like Easter , Thanksgiving and maybe Christmas.
 Want to wish all the fathers a happy fathers day!!!!!!! 
 Mine has been gone sense 1972 and my kids father has been gone sense 1988.
I have been cleaning house and hubby cleaned off our big porch and got so hot , he came in and turned the air on.
Haven't we got a pretty garden?  My oldest grandson and his family came by last night and hubby gave him a lot of tips on gardening .   He was amazed at ours.   But hubby's father showed him every thing he knows, and he farmed for a living for years.  Farmers know how to get the most produce per acre.
Well talk to you Monday  love you my friends     Quilt happy

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