Tuesday, June 12, 2012

every day things

i have done very little sewing lately made a pot holder. they are looking better. " practice makes perfect"
  that tomato, i got at cooks it's purple, and they said i would love it!!!  not!!!   didn't have the tomato taste.
   we are wading mud to gather every thing from the garden but you see we did  it!! i put up 8 quarts of beans yesterday.
tomorrow i will be putting up beans again maybe 14 quilts , i hope.
took a basket of beans and some squash over to my brother today.  we sat and talked a long while. he is the best brother!! so glad we still have him.  all my uncles died young and my daddy. now they have so much more meds. that help.  he has been retired for years but is younger then me.  union!!!  he retired at 55 years of age.
well talk to you tomorrow   until hope you have good sewing        quilt happy


KatieQ said...

Our growing season here in NY is really far behind yours. We probably won't have been ready to pick until the first week of July. Your garden is huge. It really must produce a lot of vegetables.

Jan-Maree said...

WOW! check out all those beans!