Friday, June 19, 2015

Another Barn

Hi friends!
My next barn!
We spent a lot of time in town yesterday and Tommy  still had to go  back early this morning for a new set of tires for my car. They don't keep a big enough stock at hand.
This is my log cabin block. i think i used to much of the same fabric, but it done and i am not changing it.
You see these people that own this barn stores their boats in it.
I just had a little time to work on this before supper.
I found this neat fabric for the roof in my bag of scraps. So far i have seven stars and this will made 6 barns.
That's all i got done but should have some time over the weekend to work on it even through Tommy's girls will come and see him this weekend .
It's Father's day Sunday  and if any father's read this Happy Father's day.
When Tommy got back from getting the tires put on he brought us breakfast from Bojangles and we had breakfast on the back porch in the cool morning air.
We are getting surrounded by chicken houses so want be able to do that much .
Some one told us they didn't stink now .....they lied!!!!!!
Right up above us they built this house and the medal at the lower left side is chicken houses, during one of our small rains yesterday the wind changed to the north and you could not stand to be outside.
Of course Timmy's threatening to sale and leave!!!
They are planning to build some more south of us and they already have eight there.
This used to be a great place to live!!! Tommy said dry valley will have to be changed to stinky valley!
Have a great weekend friends.
Quilt Happy

3 comments: said...

You have chicken houses I have mcmansions which complain about the dirt, chickens, and noise.Barns are coming along.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I guess our paradise doesn't last long. We now have houses all around us. We aren't allowed chickens, but horses on some lots. We had a wind change problem for a while, but the horse in question finally got a new home. It was a great horse, but sticky poo.

Podunk Pretties said...

I grew up with a hog farm on one side and cows on the other. You get used to the stinky country air, and really appreciate the calm days with fresh air.