Friday, April 13, 2012

hi friends looking at the garden i was amazed that our beans and orka was coming up.. i have always heard that orka wont come up when the ground is cold and the last 3 nites it has been in the 30ths..

katy came and visited for over a hour before she went to work and i gave her the crochet blanket and cook book.  she seamed to like it. she is a real sweet girl and talks up a storm..  just like her daddy who is married to our red haired girl. so she is a step of a step. but she is our oldest grandgirl. she has been in our family for 15 years too.  her step mom married her daddy two weeks after hubby and i got married.. 

that may be why my step daughter and i have always loved each other. she knew what i was going thru because she was.

 i worked so hard on a house block today but i don't like it. you may never see it. it's awful....  i made another grannie yesterday ,i love making them!!  and they look so pretty when you get thru..
 i have been cutting 5 inch blocks to make something , i may do something small to make me feel better. that is 3 times i have tried to make a house block and never finished. may have to draw me some pieces  to cut out.  hubby has cut on the yard all day and plowed the garden and tomorrow he is replanting the tomatoes because something eat 6 of them.

last week because of easter he had no races to watch but they are back tonite so he is happy..   that means more sewing time for me and maybe some more treadmill time. i need it , all those easter eggs that i ate have a lot of calories.  by the way while he was cutting grass he found 2 more eggs one was a money egg so he got 2 dollars back that we put into the eggs . good thing the grands don't read this they would be demanding the dollars
that's all for today love you'll and good nite friends


Jan-Maree said...

love your granny square block. Pity about your house block. Look for a different pattern. maybe that will help

Doniene said...

yeah for garden sprouts!!! Lovely block!! Have a blessed weekend!!

Karen H said...

I love your granny squares. I want to start making some of those, too! :)