Tuesday, April 10, 2012

this is all my quilt blocks so far and i am thinking about making a few more like these and making my
 daughter a small quilt for the end of her bed.

we did our yearly walk all over the yard yesterday to look for lost easter eggs before hubby mows, we found one money egg and hubby got a dollar back. of course when he mows he will find more ... he always does
it rained today a chilly rain and we got sleepy so he took one couch and i took the other and as soon as we got nearly asleep the phone rings. it's his sister!!! always when  we eat, are lay down, are trying to watch the news she calls. don't know how she knows. but she does.

getting over my tired so i started a pot holder ,just like the binding.
it's so nice to have things back to normal again.

the 2 birthday presents. one was shoved in her car without her even looking at it.  don't think i will be getting her any thing else.. baby step-d made over her's and hugged my neck so she will get something else.

 i say that every  time but i keep trying to make us more of a family but after 15 years i don't think it will ever work.

love you'll good nite friends

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Jan-Maree said...

your blocks are looing lovely and regards the baby presents - the one who was so ungrateful is only showing her faults and lackings, not yours. You can only do the what you know to be right and if she doesn't appreciate it then she is the one with the problem. All families seem to have at least one!