Thursday, April 12, 2012

a present

this is my oldest grand daughter's present.  she isn't married but has been going with her man for over a year and  they are planing a wedding [kind of].  i am going to make each granddaughter a baby blanket and give each one a good cook book. they don't know this yet but she will be over here sometimes tomorrow .  as you can see i have started another , it will go to my soon to be 18,
 jessie. all of these comes with a [ put this in your hope chest]. in other words   don't have a baby right now. wait till you are married and ready to have kids.

i wish some of our grandkids had grown up first before having kids.  with boys that means getting a job and working a while.  we have some that have babies that has grown up and taking care of their wife's and babies and at least one that doesn't.

working on some more blocks that i will show you another day. finished one an got another started.

we went and bought some more tomato plants today, something got 6 of the ones we planted last week.  our beans and corn is coming up even thru it has been down to freezing   the last 2 nites.  and i am surprised that our orka is coming up . it usually doesn't come up in cold ground. i will show you pictures later on this week. well that's all today     love you'll    good nite friends

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