Monday, April 23, 2012

a present and more grannies

that's the present for red haired child, she was wistful over the birthday present that i gave her sister. so i made her a small pillow and a apron. 
still working away on my granny squares for my daughter's quilt maybe i will have it done by her birthday in june., i have seven done. i am out of white, should have got that  today but didn't even think about it.
  i did spot some green that i think will work in between the blocks and maybe enough for the back. we will see. they just had 5 yards and i got it all.

 we are worried about our garden , they are forecasting frost for to night.  hubby covered the tomato plants but our beans are up pretty good and we would hate to lose them.  pray for it to miss our garden.

 well i am going digging in my stash , i know i bought some white for my quilt and i may have some left.  hope so.

good sewing to you all good nite  friends          quilt happy

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Jan-Maree said...

Hope your garden survives unscathed. Your granny square looks pretty.