Wednesday, April 4, 2012

hi friends . my irises . are blooming it's funny the purple blooms first and then later my yellow and white one's bloom. that pink flower wintered on my back porch and bloomed all winter long

as you can see i have quilted my granny square  and a flying geese for my quilt as you go quilt.

now i am quilting with my cheap sewing machine my mother-in-laws bow tie. and we really don't know if she sewed it by hand or not because she had a sewing machine, or maybe she did that before she got her sewing machine. she is gone so we can't ask her. and she didn't know much for the last 10 years of her life. for all we know her mother and hubby's father's mother could have made them. they took care of both set of grandparents. but he farmed and she had help when she needed it with them.

we tried with them , we both were working and i stayed on my days off and we stayed at night but it was rough to go to work after being up most of the nite because his father  would hollow  all night.  hubby worked 8 hours and i worked 12 hours. he would come home and his sister would go home and he would have me something cooked when i got home and we would spend the night again. there is no telling how long we could have lasted but on my weekend to work hubby took Friday off so we could stay all weekend .his sis  called him and said she couldn't do it any more. so we didn't have a choice we couldn't leave them
by them self  while we worked. and we owed to much for me to quit

change the subject. i have managed to sew 6 lines down this quilt but its hard on your arms so maybe i can get the rest of it done and put a binding on one day next week.   well it's been good talking to you same time tomorrow  good sewing friends


Jan-Maree said...

Gorgeous flowers - your family is lucky to have you

Ivory Spring said...

I agree - your dedication to your family is admirable!

Beautiful flowers.