Tuesday, April 17, 2012

scarp quilt

i was looking at my quilt book that i got at mckays before easter.  it's carter houch  and myron  miller's book "  american quilts and how to make them."

 i found a crazy quilt that looks somewhat like my other quilt top that my mother-in-law left. it was hard to get a good picture of the quilt in the book, the page was glossy and my flash showed but i got one without . not as good as i would have liked.
it's the closest  thing i have found to what i have so i guess i will call it that.

my bow tie quilt is quilted and i am sure you are tired of hear me say that, but i have a problem  that i haven't got  any idea of what to do. i wont to put a 6 inch border on it and quilt it to so it will be big enough for our queen size bed. i may have to fix the border and quilt it and then sew it on....

has any one had this problem ?  can you tell me how to do it

if i ever get to 50 followers i wont to have a giveaway of robert kaufman fat quarters
i seemed to have stalled at 29. but maybe it will move on up  
love you'll        good nite friends

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