Wednesday, April 18, 2012

part of our front yard after hubby cut the grass.  we have a large ditch near our road and i told hubby  that  the country would come by this week and cut it ,he was wasting time,   but it's Wednesday and they haven't yet so i guess i was wrong. we have 5 acres  that he mows .
i have been busy... have made another granny square and all i like is cutting the white for another and sewing it together. then i will have 5 sewed . i think it takes at least 15 or maybe 20.. i will have to see how many it takes for a queen sized bed. so i have a long way to go. i wont to get some blue or green to do the middles between the squares . i think it looks good all white but daughter has 7 kids still at home that likes to lay on her bed.
 hope i get better at matching points than i am rite now. they mostly match so maybe i am getting better.

mostly isn't good enough
   well that's all for today got to go cut my whites and sew it together  love and good nite

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