Monday, April 2, 2012

i have made block two in my quilt as you go quilt . i am burning up , i just cooked pork chops ,cream potatos , fried orka and corn bread. for supper and its been up to 89 degrees today. this is just the first of April. its unheard of   for us to be that hot so every one pray for us this summer.  it was high 90th last summer .
made these pot holders , they are mine because they aren't good enough  to give as gifts.. went to walmart to get a couple of things and just had to check out their ends and pieces table and got  this bright green which is just perfect for those red pot holders....almost like christmas.

i am going to say it here and maybe i will do it granny block.  maybe by tomorrow..

hubby planted beans , corn and orka today, pray it's not to soon  suppose to rain tomorrow and get a little cooler. after the rain , with highs only in the high 70ths  one year it froze everything 2 days before easter and it is sunday. we will have 30 or more people here eating easter dinner and hiding and hunting easter eggs.. i bought 5 dozen chocolate eggs  today for the grands and the great grands.  love you'll good nite friends

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Jan-Maree said...

sounds as though you are going to have a busy Easter - enjoy!