Thursday, April 19, 2012

thing here at home

a quick up date on our garden and some sewing . a pillow for red headed girl and another  granny.

 our garden has bug bites on the leaves so i fixed it, so maybe they will leave it along . hubby has been hoeing and cleaning up in it today.  he works on it until he can't get his tiller in there and them it's all mine. after that all he does is take the weed eater to it so i wont get snake bit.

a Friend of ours died Wednesday , he was 81.. he had lung cancer so they operated and he made it fine Thur the surgery but something they gave him after words nearly killed him and weakened him so bad that we lost him.
i wonder how many people lose their life because of mistakes in the hospital?
after my stroke 8 years ago they wonted me to go for a
[ new surgery..]

. i told them maybe when they had done it a million times i would think about it...

 i have a hole in my heart  but after 8 years the only thing i can't do is sing[ which i never could]  and run up hills and hopefully i wont have to run up a hill

 have a good day friends  and have a good sewing time    quilt happy

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Jan-Maree said...

pretty blocs. Sorry to hear about your friend's passing