Friday, April 20, 2012

long day

we went to the funeral today and then the doctor and bought groceries and picked up pills. and weare wore out....
 don't you just love our garden the first picture  of the garden  was after a little rain . very little . the one below it is the fence i helped hubby put up so out beans can climb up it. and the last was a rain cloud that was leaving..
 we really need rain and have another chance to nite , i hope we get more that 3/100  this time. it seems that they just dry up before they cross the state line.

i finished that pillow and made red haired girl an apron to go with it. it's not her birthday but  i just love her so i made her one to.

i got some insta-brigh to make her a pot holder to

 well don't have a lot of time to talk, i have to get the kitchen cleaned up and get on the treadmill
 love and take care  good nite friends    quilt happy 


Doniene said...

The garden looks wonderful - so fun to see things sprouting!! We need rain, too, we had a sprinkle this morning, but could use more!

have a great weekend!

Jodi said...

Sorry to hear about your friend. What a terrible shame. My mom died at 79 of lung cancer. My dad is very bitter about it, how sick the chemo made her, no cure, etc., etc. I DO miss her very much. That's great you are doing so well after a stroke. Keep up the good work! Great looking garden - nice and neat!

Jan-Maree said...

Glad the funeral is over. they are no fun. Cute cushion. Good luck with the rain

Ivory Spring said...

The pillow is sweet looking. Sorry to hear about your friend.