Tuesday, April 24, 2012

still working on granny squares.  i had thought 25 but i saw a finished quilt on a blog today and counted and she had 48. wow!!!! i don't think i will ever get that many granny squares done. maybe by june.
 the garden made it ok we think.    hubby got up at 6:30 and washed down the beans and orka. so now we are just waiting for warmer weather for the squash to come up.

i found my white, thank goodness . i needed it bad to make some more granny squares. 

got an invitation to graduation  from my cousins girl and i will have a grand girl graduating this year to.   we will try to go to grand girls because it's only 20 minutes away.  our sweet jessie is already working and going to school.  she will start classes at a tech school after she graduates. she wont be 18 until july. we are blessed with grandchildren.  24...  and all are smart and good looking!!! she has her first boy friend.
i might be a little proud.
 well it's time to sew
 good nite sleep tight  and good sewing         quilt happy

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Jan-Maree said...

keep on sewing - you will have enough granny squares before you know it!