Saturday, April 21, 2012

things and blogger

garden is a growing expect the orka, it will grow when the earth warns. it has to have warn ground. our corn is growing past out tomato's 
 i couldn't pass up that pictures of the sun setting behind the trees  that's our hill, hubby's grandfather used to plant that whole hill in watermelon's.  but now the deer would have a feast. 
 we have a herd of 7 or 8 that goes thru our  field behind our garden.. hubby tries to discourage them from getting to close to it.  sometimes after a rain we will see deer tracks in it. but they look up and see fence all around and jump back out

has any one had problems with posting on blogger? Thursday night i hit post and my list of post's came up but an hour later it still hadn't come up in my reader.  for an hour nothing came up and then it started up with new post's so i reposted and it came up
not feeling to good to day so i am taking it easy made a pot holder but didn't like it so i will be mine. i need more because all of mine are old . the only new ones i have a my mistakes that are living in my kitchen now

have a real good day and talk to you Monday  love and good  nite   quilt happy


Jan-Maree said...

hope you are feeling better soon

quiltmania said...

Your garden spot looks lovely, I can hardly wait to see what it looks like when it is in full production ,