Monday, April 30, 2012

jane spolar pattern

i won this beautiful pattern from missys homemaking adventures a little while back and got it Friday.  i just love it and if  i every get Thur with my grannys quilt.. i will try to make it. i wont to try something a little more simple first because this one is big . i was thinking maybe a table topper .
we went across the mountion  yesterday , we were craving some Kentucky fried. we used to have one here but they closed it down due to it not being keep clean. and the town up the road where my daughter lives had one but they closed it down for the same reason.  so we had to go to the next state to find one that was clean . we really enjoyed it's fried goodness until about 3 o'clock when hubby had to get up for some tums and a little later i had to to. we hadn't had any for several years so i guess every few years wont hurt us.

we were sitting outside drinking coffee sat. morning and a rabbit ran out of the woods straight at our garden, hubby jumped up and took off for his shootgun, our dogs went into attack mode until they saw him with the gun and then they high tailed into their dog houses. they hate that fire stick  it's too loud for their ears.
we spend every morning drinking a pot of coffee and sitting on our porch and talking. it's so nice being retired!!!!!!

talk to you later friends and you are my friends.. good sewing        quilt happy

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Jan-Maree said...

Mmmm KFC love it for its tender chicken and yummy flavor and hate it for its fatty badness all at the same time