Thursday, April 26, 2012

things and english dogwood

still making granny's.   last week i made me a new pin cushion from scraps, a log cabin pin cushion.
and another pot holder.  all of mine are old. 
don't you like the little apron i made red haired girl?
today i cleaned our living room and then made 3 grannys, then i cut out 2 1/2 inch squares  and read blogs and made 2 more. then i cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom.  then i sewed  some of my saching in  between  some of my blocks  .  put 4 squares together with the saching .  that makes me 25 grannys made!!! got to get some more white tomorrow.
don't you just love that bush.   hubby's grandmother planted that many years ago and hubby says that it's a English dogwood. i have no idea.... i am just taking his word for it. he tells the story of when his grandmother was here by her self with just his daddy in a crib. some Indians   stopped at the well to get a drink so she grabbed hubbys father and went upstairs where they kept hay and crawled up in the hay to hide.
i guess every thing turned out ok because hubbys here.
 got to get busy again so glad i can talk to you all. and ask advice on quilts now and then.  you know i think i love to blog.
 talk to you again soon  love and good nite  good sewing       quilt happy 

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Jan-Maree said...

How fabulous to be able to tell stories like the one about your hubby's grand mother and to still be in the same land. That is so precious. You should write all that stuff down for the kids