Friday, February 8, 2013

53 years ago

Hi friends!
Dreary day.
That picture is me when i was 18 years old.  My mother keep it and when she died i got it.
Wish i looked like that now!!!
I finished my flimsy!!! yahoo!!   It wasn't big enough so i added a border of the only fabric that i had enough  left of  to make a border. It is here and there in the quilt.. See the big pile of scraps left from it?
It measure  62 by 82 now.  Should be plenty big enough to keep my baby granddaughter warm.  Today i am going to see what i have for a backing, get that sewed together and maybe tomorrow i will baste her .
I am going to make 2 pillows this weekend  for gift's for birthdays and next week i have to find some thing to go with that for a present.
Lots to do!!  Have a great weekend friends  , love you all!!!!  Quilt Happy


Tracee Perry said...

That's fabulous! Your certainly the busy bee. Have a great weekend.

laurajane said...

Look how gorgeous you are girl.
Pink quilts looking good.xx