Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hi friends!
Dreary day!

My bom blocks for feb. for crafty.  The first one i did i didn't like the little square in the center and i didn't place the side right.  The second one i used the same square and got the sides right. this is the third, forth and fifth ones.  Them i posted on crafty.
These are the fabrics for the next quilt.  H. plays basketball, football, baseball and runs in track.
Hubby picked out the bottom fabric.  H. is our baby grandson on his side of our family.  He will be  12 his birthday in may. So i have awhile to get it made and the next will be N and he want be 13 until Sept. and then my W. will be 13 on hubby's birthday so he will be the next one after that.  Don't think i will get them all a quilt made this year but i am going to try.   Their is just 12 in my list of grand kids that are still in school.

Hubby has a app. to get x-rays Friday and next Wednesday he goes for a biopsy in his mouth .
The Dr. is sending him because he chews tobacco.  And he wants to play it safe.
Our blood work came back great so that's one good thing.
Need to get some sewing in because we will be going to the funeral tomorrow and friday will be x-rays so it will be sat. before i get to sew again
Have a wonderful day.   Quilt Happy


laurajane said...

The block are lovely Barbara.I love that football fabric.
Good news the bloods came back OK.hope all goes well with everything else.
Happy sewing my friend.
Hugs Laura xx

Chatty Crone said...

I like that last one - my grandson's room used to be decorated like that.