Wednesday, February 27, 2013

H's quilt

Hi friends!
The sun is shiny and hubby is  thinking spring is just around the corner, he can't wait until garden planting time..
I have 3 rows of h's quilt put together and two more rows waiting.  Then i will know whether it will need another row are not.
My daughter gave me her Anna's old camera that is stronger than mine to use on my blog.  She bought Anna a new one because she is really in to photograpy. I have the sweetest kids!..
I made a picture of cows in a far off field testing it out a while ago.  Going to get it set up on my computer after i get off here.
I am going to try to get my top finished today.  I have got to work on some birthday presents for a while.  i have 5 birthday coming up in the next two months that i am going to try to make each of them something.
so i must get busy!
Have a great sewing day friends!   Quilt happy


Tracee Perry said...

Lucky you...enjoy your camera and your quilt top is coming along nicely.

Miss Holly said...

Oh it that ever a pretty quilt! I've been working on my memory quilt for my neighbor...hand embroidering lots on it so it is time consuming!!! It's raining cats and dogs here!! I'm getting ready for spring that is for sure!! The redwinged blackbirds arrived..that always makes it sound like spring!!
Can't wait for all the new pictures!!

laurajane said...

Quilts coming along well.xx