Monday, February 11, 2013


Hi friends!
Dreary day!
We went for our 2 times a year check-up.  Where they draw blood and send it off.  to see if the meds they are giving you are killing you!!!
Had to go without eating so we went straight to hardies for a gravy sausage biscuit.  Have to get our reward!! Thats what that gravy was!!
Our little town isn't big enough to support a hardies,  they were here and were covered up in the mornings But no one would go there for other meals. so they closed it.
But our dr. is in a bigger town so we run right to it and pig out!
Hubby has to go for x-rays when they make him a appt.
He hurt his shoulder back in oct. when he worked on our bathroom and is just now going.  He was hoping it would just go away by its self.
I finished  Alisha's quilt yesterday, no sunshine to take a good picture.  Tomorrow i am going to take some of daughter's kids to the dentist so i will give it to them then!!
My 91 year old aunt died yesterday!  The one we gave things out of our garden to.
I just went and saw her last week and she was talking a mile a minute and she just took a turn for the worse.
They had called in hospice  last week end and she died Sunday.  She was the sweetest.   When i was little her and her hubby would come and get me every Sunday and carry me to church.
Got to get busy.  Quilt Happy


Richard Healey said...

Wonderful finish it looks fantastic.

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Chatty Crone said...

Hope your tests come back fine. I do the same thing - then I eat.

Hey that quilt is gorgeous - I'll take mine in aqua - lol. Just kidding.


Melanie said...

Beautiful quilt, sweet Aunt B! Praying that your tests come back fine and that T's x-ray is good, too. Love you both! :)

andsewon said...

Pretty in Pink! Hope all BW comes out ok. Sorry about your beloved Aunt. Hugs.

wendy hypes said...

Very pretty! Love the colors!

Sandra Stegues Silva said...

Olá, gostei muito dos teus trabalhos, são lindos!!!
Deus abençoe, que tudo fique bem!!!
Estou seguindo teu blog...é muito fofo!!!

Abraços, com carinho!!! (: