Saturday, February 16, 2013

Love scraps

Hi friends!
The sun is shining!
One morning i was looking on facebook and saw this shop had scraps bags for sale so i hit my paypal and bought 3 or 4.  this was jan. 13th.  I can't say that that was where my credit card got hacked or not. But i finally got my scraps in feb. and they were from Malaysia. And my c. c. got hacked on the 14th.  It's pretty little scraps but not worth what i payed and how a shop in Malaysia got on my face book i don't know.     You see how big the scraps are. That's my 7 inch kindle.  They are beautiful and would work great in a baby quilt .  I have never seen that fabric and don't know how good it is but i will use it. With shipping i payed 29 dollars for it before the shipping went up.    Like i said i don't know how they got on my facebook page!!!
I am usually very picky about who goes on my facebook because of my grand kids.
Have great  sewing day i am going to try to sew some today..   Quilt Happy


laurajane said...

It's a worry isn't it these days using your cards.
I try to use PayPal whenever possible ,but my daughter even had that hacked.
Stay warm .

Chatty Crone said...

I try to pay with pay pal too.