Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another and red work

Hi friends!

Beautiful today!
Another block , i have made so many that i don't know what i have put on here and what i haven't.
I am hoping 6 more blocks will do it.  Maybe tomorrow i will have part of a quilt top to show you.
I love my little red work raggedy  annie.  I am running out of thread so one more is all i am doing.   I wouldn't find that  color again.  It was bought years ago!  I have a pie safe full of stuff that i bought years ago when i crafted before my son got killed .
That shut me down for years!!
Thanks to all my good friends that sent me e-mails asking if i was ok after the storms last week not far from here. I love that i have 'meet' so many great people and have friends all over the world!
Now i have a lot to play with that is very old but i am hoping still good.  It seems that it is , i pull on the thread to see if it's rotten.
I am going out side some today, the sun is out , still cold but it's suppose to rain the next 2 days.
Have a great sewing day!  Quilt Happy


laurajane said...

Another great block Barbara.
I love the red work , what are you going to do with it,is it going in the pink quilt.
Love Laura xx

Karen H said...

I love the redwork Raggedy Ann.... so cute! Will you use it in a quilt?

Miss Holly said...

So glad you made it through the storms!! That redwork is beautiful!! You don't see raggedy Ann very often any more!! I just adore redwork!!

sewyouquilt2 said...

glad you are safe and sound. so much of the country has had nasty storms lately.
redwork is looking good.
have fun stitching!