Monday, February 20, 2012

all things

i had a sweater that i loved but wouldn't wear and a cushion  that had seen better days. so i sewed one on the other.  when we moved  our living room  into the sunroom we needed something for the windows so we got some fabric and i made small curtions to go with the blinds and covers for this. the back is an old tablecloth, that had never been used. used up every last scrap.   i have always sewed used to make my kids clothes when they were little and still would wear homemade things  .   now that i have a new sewing machine that all i wont to do is sew, i finished my couch quilt and changed my mind about putting flannel on the back. someone was fussing about it pilling an i don't wont that maybe by the end of this week i will have it done to show you. by the last block i could tell it was better than the first block. got a book [ learn to make a quilt from start to finish] and have read it 3 times. there is a really interesting block in it  called the ollie block and its amazing at the ways you can make it look can't wait to try it  love you goodnite friends

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