Tuesday, February 28, 2012

made my baby a sweet potato pie this after noon with splenda baking blend half sugar , hope we saved some calories. of course it doesn't look like this now because we both had  some  and it was really good . thankful for my food processor. my blanket is nearly there i will put on  a edging with white , then i am going to make a white one with  edging of this many colored yarn. see how that one turns out.  i quilted my quilt this after noon sewing in the ditch now i have to pick some binding . going to shop my stash.  i have some pokadot with that i got with that   in mind but i don't know how it will look.   may not go with this i will have to find it and see, i need some kind of storage but if i could   buy something i wouldn't have any place to put it. this 8 room house is packed because all of our living room stuff is spread out in it. you will just about always see a book next to my crocheting because when my arms get tired i read, love a good mystery.  well duty calls love you'll goodnite friends


Doniene said...

Looks scrumptious!!

Debi said...

Your pie looks delicious. I am also working on a new baby afghan for Reed, it is coming along slowly!