Thursday, February 16, 2012


took the first picture without flash and the colors  are better but the picture isn't. the second one was with a flash and the colors are strange. i finished the baby blanket and i love it , the colors just says baby to me. i did.t crochet at allfrom1988 when my  son got killed in a car wreck. until year before last when my other son called saying my granddaughter wonted to learn ,would i teach her. then i had to get yarn  and refresh my skill by watching people crocheting on the internet. but it comes back to you, i made a lot of baby blankets ,shaws, a pocketbook and i don't know what all else i did makeback then.   in all years i didn't have the least desire to crochet.  but i have made plenty in the last year. he called me in nov.  2010 and i have been busy ever since.     got our blood work back , hubbys was alright. but mine needs work. got to go back next week and give some more blood to check my sugar. can you say no sweets at all untill  and maybe even after the blood work. oh well i will face that when it gets here. my mother and my brother had sugar. we are a family of dessert lovers.  love u and goodnite feiends  

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