Friday, February 17, 2012

i've told you that my sister is the quiltor in the family, she has been quilting for years. this is one of her quilts that she gave to me years ago. this christmas 2011 she gave 2 quilts as gifts to my brothers son and to my brothers granddaughter. in june she gave my grandson one for graduation from highschool. he is going to ole miss. so she made him a ole miss. quilt. and mailed the left over fabric to my young granddaughters[his sisters] to make him a pillow to match. and she is making one of my granddaughters a quilt for christmas next year. i have washed this a lot of times, and it has held up good . she takes quilt class in atlanta every 3th sat. of the month. i would love to go but i have no money honey... and she spends a lot of money on quilting things  so i will just have to pass. maybe i can pick her brain and read books to learn every thing i need to know  well love you'll goodnite friends


Jan-Maree said...

if I were you I would be picking her brains and using all of the lovely tutorials that are online if you want to learn. Also, as that you have a blog, all you have to do is ask and I am sure someone will give you the answers you need or direct you to somewhere online that does. And for fabric scout out the thrift stores. I see people posting the most wonderful thrift store fabric finds all the time and spending only pennies! Happy stitching!

Connie said...

What a beautiful quilt, she does lovely work!