Monday, February 27, 2012

my quilt is ready to quilt and i have been working hard on another baby blanket. see my mug rug on the table with my coffee cup sitting on it?  i crochet in the mornings before breakfast and during the news at 6 and at 11 oclock at nite.  didn't get anything done all weekend after saturday with all our company which i enjoyed. i  just wasn't in the mood to sew yesterday. i cut out some parts for an ollie block. don't  know why just wonted to see how it would look . i will show you tomorrow. i am a little worried i get the blog  the little blue boo every nite but it hasn't appeared tonite, she has cancer, i am praying that she beats it. but it doesn't look good, but prayer works wonders pray for his healing hand to touch her. my great grand enjoyed her trip with her grandmaw, while they were gone her mother had to go to the hospital, she had that stomach virus and was throwing up blood.  i called her husband [our grandson] as he was taking her home last nite and they had give her some meds for her stomach . so many people are sick, they never did find out what was wrong with my brother-in-law, but i think he had that virus to because he played with his granddaughter after she had it. love you'll good nite friends

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Jan-Maree said...

That is really pretty wool you are using for the baby blanket. Keep us posted on Little boo blue. She must be grateful for your prayers. Take care